Productive Use of Energy

Productive Use of Energy

Omnivoltaic recognizes that power is the ultimate utility to do something useful. Selecting a power system for a specific application is challenging due to the required technical knowledge and supply resources on equipment and integration testing. Omnivoltaic's pre-engineered package solutions for Productive Use of Energy (PUE) applications are carefully integrated and tested with quality tools and optimally configured, renewable, off-grid ready power sources.

Our goal is to offer bespoke solutions at off-the-shelf and distributor-friendly cost packages. By leveraging proven systems solution components such as DC48V Modular Battery Systems, ROAM™, BridgeWare™, and Portal™ technology, these distributed power engineering solutions offer advanced capabilities and fast delivery timelines without expensive engineering. Omnivoltaic will be introducing solutions to two integral and typical off-grid verticals. For details, reach out for more.

Meanwhile, check below a summary of our recent additions to the PUE category;

Water has always been an essential resource for human and agricultural growth. With the ever-growing population and increased water scarcity, getting water using efficient solar-powered pumps has become a reality thanks to decreasing costs of innovative monitoring and control equipment.

Intending to  "End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture" , the Omnivoltaic team has successfully developed and tested Solar-Powered Ice-Maker and Containerized Cold-Room. Powering standard AC equipment with Omnivoltaic's Appolo series of battery-powered inverter blocks can deliver industrial-scale power to remote and off-grid locations.

Mobility remains to be an integral part of maintaining social and economic development. At Omnivoltaic, our team's deep knowledge of battery pack solutions and supplier base relationships allows us to offer complete battery solutions for retrofit and OEM integration of a wide range of 48VDC mobility solutions, such as boats, two-/three-wheel transporter for short-distance transit, and delivery purposes.